Dr. Amir Oron is a senior specialist in orthopedics and hand surgery at the Kaplan Medical Center in Rehovot, serves as a lecturer at the Hebrew University Medical School in Jerusalem, has published dozens of articles in the medical literature and has won professional awards.

Specializes in hand surgery and microsurgery within the prestigious center The Kleinert Institute for Hand and Microsurgery  In the United States and which are among the leading and oldest centers of hand surgery worldwide.

In doing so, he became the first Israeli physician to take part in a donor hand transplant surgery and developed an innovative tendon repair method that won the American Hand Surgery Association Award American Society for Surgery of the Hand.

In the clinic you can receive advice and treatment of a variety of problems that attack the arm and elbow.

The treatment is done by presenting all the treatment options, including the most innovative ones, and a joint decision with the patient regarding the appropriate treatment method for his general medical condition, arm or elbow condition and his various occupations. "

Dr. Oron is certified in rehabilitative medicine - sports medicine from Tel Aviv University and is the only physician in Israel who is both an expert hand surgeon and a certified sports physician Dr. Oron: "The treatment of an athlete is very different from that given to the general public, Different, his healing rate is accelerated and his demands from his body are different - I fit both the treatment and the change in the training regime for the athlete or athlete who is standing before me. " Dr. Oron performs microsurgical repairs of nerves both under local anesthesia and under general anesthesia and advanced methods.

The Clinic

The clinic of Dr. Amir Oron, an orthopedist, is an expert and a hand surgeon (a surgeon in the palm of the hand) is located in a close and accessible location and is surrounded by ample and free parking. Dr. Amir Oron's clinic is located in western Ramat Hasharon and very accessible from any Radi road. It is possible to park adjacent to the clinic at a distance of no more than a few meters, so that the gypsum can be replaced with a light, waterproof plastic and good for the pool or the sea. The clinic is equipped with gypsum lowering equipment and can be used for plaster removal and replacement of gypsum to plaster. The clinic is equipped with advanced equipment and is performed in the clinic. Intrauterine injections, therapeutic injections to the joint or tendons or injections as a treatment for a carpal tunnel instead of surgery and can also relieve carpal tunnel syndrome in pregnancy.
The clinic is very accessible and there is great flexibility in the hours and days of treatment.
After surgery on the palm of the hand, the clinic is used as a place to perform an audit or evaluation and evaluation after surgery in the palm of the hand and in urgent cases related to hand surgery if urgent due to pain or fear of infection or any other complication following hand surgery -
You are invited to our clinic in Ramat Hasharon which is closer than you know to Tel Aviv;
The clinic is very accessible from Tel Aviv, Raanana, Herzliya, Holon, Bat Yam, Rishon LeZion, Petach Tikva, Givatayim, Ramat Gan and especially from the northern neighborhoods of Tel Aviv.
Doctor Amir Oron is in agreement with Menorah Insurance Company You can actually get a palm surgery if you are insured with Menorah Insurance without any deductibles unless otherwise stated in Menorah's insurance policy and when the treatment is done by a specialist hand surgeon orthopedic surgeon. Treatment of insurance company Menorah is performed at the clinic in Ramat Hasharon, where there is also an advanced ultrasound device that will allow Hannah to fast and correct in the field of hand surgery. Any handheld surgery requires pre-surgery handheld surgery. But not every experienced handheld surgeon knows how to adapt the handheld surgery to the insured.



Dr. Oron performs handheld surgeries across the entire spectrum of injuries. The surgeries are performed in private hospitals for private insurance policy holders as well as for national and national insurance policy holders. Consult our clinic before setting the surgery and bring previous examinations. Or alternatively in urgent cases call

Legal medical opinion

Dr. Oron is an expert in writing legal opinions, disability assessments, and adjudicating medical ministries of the Ministry of Defense. A legal opinion and disability assessment can be scheduled through the computerized system or in urgent cases.

Innovative injections

In our clinic, complementary therapies and surgical replacement are combined with advanced medicine using biological drugs such as orthoquine as well as targeted injections to treat pain. Dr. Oron also performs injections in the aesthetic field.

Medical advice

When you are offered surgery or are advised not to perform a surgical dilemma: analyze or not analyze? It is a complex decision and it is advisable to consult and get a second opinion in many cases. Each surgery carries risks, however, a decision to refrain from surgery when surgery is required can cause impairment, continued pain, and day-to-day damage. Urgent private orthopedic counseling is sometimes a critical part of the decision. In various injuries or clinical situations - urgent counseling is a good solution. As a specialist in hand surgery and microsurgery, I would be happy to advise on my training in relevant cases - a specialist orthopedic allows me as a senior physician in a hospital with many years of experience in all areas of orthopedics.

Light Cast

Our clinic provides lightweight gypsum services at high availability - 7 days a week. Dr. Oron is examining the patient, making sure the fracture conditioner is correct, and after removing the regular cast, installs a lightweight cast that allows for optimal comfort, bathing and even bathing.


I specialize in aesthetic treatment that includes acid injections and filling of the hands - aesthetics of the hand as well as aesthetic injections for the body organs. My training, a specialist orthopedic surgeon, allows me to become intimately familiar with the anatomy and allows wrinkles to be filled with hands, elbows, knees and the like. Beyond that, I also treat excessive sweating in the arms, armpits, face and foot, handheld. Aesthetic treatment when you can't tell that something's done is my favorite treatment. Aesthetic treatment for men or women is a Botox injection or hyaluronic acid or other injection. Contact us and you will receive aesthetic - discreet treatment.

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