Abrasion of cartilage in fingers and palm

Human cartilage is one of the most complex tissues in our body. The cartilage allows both sides of the joint to slide over one another, allowing this movement for many years. The cartilage contains protoglycans which are substances composed of sugar and protein and have a hydrophilic property "water-attracting substances", ie, they tend to absorb water and expand and swell. The same materials are wrapped in a network of type 2 collagen that serves as a kind of network that encapsulates the proteoglycan cartilage's building blocks and actually prevents them from expanding to meet their needs. In fact, it is adjacent to a screen of water or articular fluid and thus allows painless movement for many years. In fact, the abrasive cartilage has no pain feeling because the cartilage has no nerves and therefore we will not feel pain in the cartilage itself. In contrast, underneath the cartilage and the joint envelopes there are nerves and so we will feel the pain there as well.
Treatment of cartilage erosion in the fingers can start as a conservative treatment which can include taking nutritional supplements from cartilage protectors containing glucosamine and chondroitin as well as paraffin treatment.
When surgery is needed because of cartilage erosion and changes in the wrist, this is usually a condition that requires surgery.
The appropriate surgery in many cases of a cyst or a painful bump from a finger joint is surgery to resect the cyst while maintaining the straight extensor tendon.
In some cases where the changes are very noticeable, surgical fixation surgery can be offered.
We have the ability of treating painful joints.

Abrasion of cartilage in fingers and palm

בתמונה שלפנינו ניתן לראות אצבעות עקומות ושינויים במפרקים של האצבעות. אצבע מתעקמת או הופכת עקומה עם השנים בשל שינויים ושחיקה של סחוס. האצבע נפגעת ממחלת אוסטיאוארטריטיס או שחיקת סחוס עם דלקת במפרק. זו אינה דלקת מפרקים אלא שחיקת סחוס שגורמת לאצבע להתעקם. אצבע עקומה ומתפקדת היא לא סיבה לניתוח.

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