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The first cast was probably made by Hippocrates in ancient Greece. Right from the first time a cast was ,made the doctors realised that there is great importance in correctly placing the cast and generally in treating fractures by a cast. The cast is used to keep the bone in a correct position and to allow the body to fix the fracture in a process composed of four phases: Hematoma, soft Fibrocartilage Callus, Hard Fibrocartilage Callus and finally Remodeling.

 The usage of light,water resistant casts started a decade ago and became very popular - with the public due to how easy it was moving with the cast - showering is possible without any difficulty, and it is possible to go to the beach or the pool and moving the hand or foot is possible and even encouraged.

 Generally, the guideline to how long should a bone healing lasts is 6 weeks - but there are different variants that depend on the patient, area and type of fracture and of course also the quality of treatment the patient recieved. A failiure of the bone healing is a rare complication but can sometimes appear due to poor or incorrect placement of cast.

In my clinic I use every light cast type available in Israel 

The 3M company plastic cast - is a great cast designed for problematic joints and for putting casts on small children 

The MAGICAST company cast - also known as the magic cast is great for standard fractures and is very comfortable. It is also very good for swimming with a cast. 

The NEAL company cast - is a great cast used especially on fractures that require a focused and dynamic cast 

It is improtant to me to be available, have constant contact with the patient and I believe in the importance of a correct quality treatment for every fracture. A few years ago professor Tamar Brosh from Tel Aviv University and I published the most comprehensive cast research to have ever been done in Israel. 


If you are in need of a cast - and are interested in a light plastic cast - my clinic is the right adress for you. Call - or send me a message. 


It is important to know:

Before flying with a cast it is reccommended to have an orthopedist's note that defines you as "FIT TO FLY" fit and qualified for a flight - some airline companies will require you bring a special document assigned by the International Air Transport Association - IATA. You should obtain a note from a certified Orthopedic Surgeon that states you are FIT TO FLY - and moreover you should make sure that there is no pressure in the cast - this may build up during flight and may even jeopardize your limb.

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A boat bone fracture is a fracture that can heal even without surgery. When there is a lack of scaphoid fracture or boat bone fracture, surgery is required. Therefore, a good quality, lightweight cast is important to prevent the loss of the boat bone or the scapoid bone necrosis. Scapoid surgery or boat bone surgery are challenging and require excellent handheld surgery to prevent unconnected or reconnected scapoid bone fracture.

Plastic cast near normal and heavy cast as performed at Dr. Amir Oron's orthopedic surgeon's surgery. Treating a fracture with the right cast is important. Ignoring the need for a good, lightweight, high quality cast can be expensive. The price of the cast is not what matters but the cast will be suitable for treating bone fracture. Light casts do with love or do not do at all ...

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