De Caravan disease

DeQuervain's disease causes great suffering and pain. Many times after childbirth or after child care, pain appears in the first rectifier section. Pain in DeQuervain disease occurs due to the pressure of the typical mantle on the tendons. The pressure on the tendons causes pain and the good surgeon's surgery will ensure that the tendons are released and move freely. A good hand surgeon will make sure that surgery does not damage the radial nerve branches and there is full release of both tendons.
The DeQuervain Group release surgery is a short surgery with excellent results, not many risks and very quick relief.
The surgery is performed under local anesthesia and sometimes under local anesthesia with slight sedation. De Quervain Release surgery allows you to move your fingers immediately after surgery and use your hand. I use disolving stitches and a longitudinal incision that is sewn into the skin so that there is an almost invisible scar.
In De Quervain Disease surgery I would love to help you and relieve your pain.
In case you suffer from hand pain caused by nerve injury following a DeQuervain group surgery, I would love to try to help you with a microsurgery surgery.
My clinic staff and I are at your disposal.
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בתמונה אפשר לראות את המעטפת המעובה של קבוצת הגידים אשר מאיישים את מדור המיישרים הראשון אשר מתעבה בשל תסמונת דה קרוון. מחלת דקרוון מאופיינת בכאב מצמית בצד האגודל אשר מלווה בבליטה מקומית. הטיפול הטוב ביותר הוא ניתוח שחרור גידים במחלת דה קרוון.

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