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Trigger thumb or jumping thumb or stuck thumb is a painful phenomenon. When the thumb hurts and it is difficult to move the thumb then it is very likely there is trigger thumb. A thumb that gets stuck during movement or jumps is a serious functional problem. Trigger thumb treatment by surgery is one of the most simple and successful surgeries I do.
Trigger thumb is a sore thumb and a painful thumb and any movement of the thumb causes pain. The suffering of those who suffer from a trigger thumb or bouncing thumb is very evident. A Thumb stuck without moving is a definite indication for surgery. Thumb stuck and loosening is a relative indicator of surgery.
Surgery for the release of the thumb can be done under local anesthesia or a combination of local anesthesia and sedation (blurring or sedation means dimming the sensations for a set period of time so that the patient breathes on his own but does not feel the surrounding). The surgery takes a few minutes and after the surgery, the same day, patients can go home.
Recovery is short - stitches are removed after about 12-14 days and by then the patient who has undergone a rigger thumb release should return to full function.
Practically, right after the release of the trigger thumb the thumb can be used for typing or grasping. On the contrary, I recommend the use of the hand immediately after surgery.
To do this, instructions after surgery to release a thumb or finger are to keep your hand raised, bend and straighten your fingers all over the full range of motion. And be careful not to wet the dressing after surgery. If the dressing is wet it is recommended to replace it.
Stuck thumb release surgery can be slightly more complex than that of a trigger thumb, because sometimes the full-range rehabilitation and arrival of range following the stuck thumb release surgery is longer. However, surgery to release a stuck and painful thumb also called the trigger thumb is an excellent surgery, and with a good surgeon will pass easily and quickly and with very high success rates. You are welcome to contact our clinic, no reason for you to suffer from the triggering, the operation is simple and the result is excellent.

ניתוח שחרור אגודל הדק - במקום כאב באגודל שנובע מגיד שנתפש או עיבוי של גלגלת או גיד עכשיו אחרי ניתוח שחרור אגודל הדק הכל מצוין והכאב חלף עבר. ניתוח שחרור אגודל הדק הוא ניתוח קצר שמאפשר שימוש מלא ביד עוד באותו יום ועם אחוזי הצלחה גבוהים מאוד מאוד.

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