Finger amputation

Finger amputation surgery should be done by a specialist hand surgeon. The finger stump should be as functional as possible and contain only the famous phantom pain of limb loss and beyond. When a hand specialist orthopedic surgeon performs a stitch repair, he makes sure that the nail remains fully removed, the nerves have been shortened to prevent hypersensitivity and to prevent neuroma from forming in the tissue of the amputated finger. Stump repair surgery aims to bring as little pain as possible along with as much an aesthetic result as possible. A stump repair surgery that has been previously done can be targeted to a specific complaint of the injured person. It is recommended that an experienced surgeon who is knowledgeable about the injury type be able to focus the complaints and lead to a successful surgery that will eventually return the best possible function.
Open stump repair or revision surgery- Repeat surgery are surgeries that are considered simple surgeries. Practically, these are surgeries that require both judgement and collaboration from the patient. Finger amputation or partial finger amputation is actually a significant source of disability and pain. Proper treatment by a hand surgeon specialist orthopedic surgeon will lead to a good result and can ease the pain and disability associated with amputation.
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