Glomus growth

Glomus tumor is a unique type of tumor and is a source of persistent, painful pain in the hand. Glomus tumor is characterized by sharp and painful pain in the hand that sometimes leads to the fall of things from the hands, sensitivity to cold, finger currents, sharp and sudden pain in the finger, strong pain in the nail or near the nail, pain that "bounces" the hand; Everyone can characterize glomus tumor differently.
Glomus tumor can cause considerable pain and tenderness in the nail. Glomus growth can also cause a change in color in the location of the nail pain. I tend to do glomus surgery in the nail area while saving the nail by partially lifting the nail and returning it after doing a nail repair if necessary. The surgery will sometimes not even require a cut but only the lifting and return of the nail and sometimes the surgery will be possible even without stitches. Glomus tumor (as seen in the picture) is a generally benign tumor and the primary skill required is the restoration of the nail bed.

זהו גידול מסוג גלומוס באצבע כפי שאפשר לראות בבדיקת הדמיה מסוג MRI. הכתם הלבן הבוהק הוא הגידול על שם גלומוס. מנתח כף יד יהיה הכי טוב כבחירה איזה מנתח יעשה את הניתוח להוצאת גידול גלומוס.

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