Kinbuk disease

Kienbock disease is caused by damage to the blood supply of the lunatum bone, also called the lunate bone. Kienbock's disease can appear as a dull wrist pain that interferes with any effort and can also appear as a growing pain or sudden fracture and collapse of the lunatum - the moon bone.
Sharp wrist pain can occur due to bone collapse which can be sudden.
Kinbuck disease is treated according to the stage of the disease.
The stages of the disease are determined by Lichtman's classification who beyond being a US Navy veteran surgeon is a well known Hand surgeon.
The first stages of the disease can be treated conservatively (there is no obligation to perform surgery).
In the most advanced stages, several types of surgery can be performed, including surgery for decompression of the distal radius, which is an operation in which a small section of bone is removed but the reconstruction of it is short and return to activity rapid.
In more advanced stages, surgery can be performed which includes insertion of a vascular bone implant, ie bone that receives blood supply from blood vessels when we have transferred bone with blood vessels and thus effectively treat necrosis. In extreme situations when there are severe and sustained changes in the wrist, a decision is made to perform a complete wrist fixation. In these situations we will get full wrist fixation but with the lack of movement the pain will also disappear.
Kienbock disease is a complex disease that is a mysterious disease as to its reasons up to these very days…

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