Nail injuries

Nail repair surgery, nail deformity repair or split nail repair is an operation that requires patience. Repairing a damaged nail requires skill and understanding of how the nail grows and how it smooths its growth across the nail bed.
A good hand surgeon will know how to treat nail deformity according to its origin. It is recommended to schedule the intervention correctly. When it comes to fresh trauma, a new traumatic injury requires you perform surgery as soon as possible. A good hand surgery orthopedist is able to assess when it is advisable to leave the nail as a biological cover that will assist recovery and when the nail will only interfere with recovery from surgery. A good hand surgeon will know when it is advisable to have a nail drainage surgery that is very painful. Also a good hand surgeon will know how to treat a nail injury with a suitable antibiotic cover. It is also important to decide when to do surgery with microsurgery techniques to repair the nail bed. The repair in the nail bed surgery with absorbable stitching allows for good healing of the nail injury and smooth nail growth later. Nail deformity can result from injury to the growth area of ​​the nail or its bed. Nail surgery is a challenge for a hand surgeon and a good hand surgeon will make sure to explain to the patient that it will take a long time for the desired result to be obtained. Nail deformity can also result from a cyst or ganglion in the nail growth area and can be caused by a growth in the nail area. In such cases, a nail surgery performed by a specialist hand surgeon will include isolation of the tumor or cyst with microsurgery techniques and only after about six months will the effect of the pressure be removed from the nail growth area.
It is worth remembering that fingernails allow for enhancement of the sensation of the fingers and therefore repairing the fingernail is not purely aesthetic, but the fingernail has a role as a "counter surface" when sensing with the fingers.
A hand surgeon will understand the meaning of various nail processes and at the end of the day will be able to clarify what the expected surgery results are and what is the expected period of time until the patient can really see a difference.
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ציפורן שנפגעה או נהרסה עקב פציעה, חבלה או תאונה יכולה להוות סיבה לניתוח תיקון ציפורן. בתמונה ניתן לראות ציפורן פגועה אשר למעשה מחייבת שירימו את הציפורן וינקו את מיטת הציפורן כדי שהצמיחה של הציפורן תהיה תקינה. ניתוח לתיקון הציפורן הוא ניתוח שד״ר אמיר אורון מנתח כף יד ומיקרוכירורג מבצע תחת הרדמה מקומית לאצבע בחדר ניתוח.

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