"Biological injection": Either blood extraction or Platelet Rich Plasma Injection - PRP:

The different biological Injections are based on the principle of the body's natural self healing abilities for the healing process. The classic injection is based on enriching the plasma with platelets.

In light of my previous experiences with different compounds and PRP methods - nowadays I only perform such injections using the ORTHOKINE system.

The reason for that is the efficacy and painlessness of the treatment.

From my experience, PRP ,injections cause substantial pain - probably due to the high concentraion of potassium in the injected substance. However, the injected substance in the ORTHOKINE system isn't so painful. The ORTHOKINE system is based on the classic PRP principles but practically, isn't a classic injection but an upgraded one containing an active ingredient.

The process which the patients go through is simple, almost painless and has a wide range of indications.

The first visit includes blood extraction and performing a process of incubating the blood ingredients in special tubes that make the platelets produce anti inflammatory and healing-accelerating substances. Those substances include mainly an anti interleukin-1 cytokine - which is the main source of inflammation and also various healing-accelerating substances such as PDGF, VEGF, IGF TGF beta, etc. The ORTHOKINE system increases tenfolds the concentraion of these substances in the blood.

After a 6 hour incubation the tubes go through a centrifugation process during which the blood fluid filled with the healing-accelerating and anti-inflammatory substances is injected to the hurting or injured area. The injection itself does not hurt, and the injected fluid does not cause pain.

Usually the process includes 4 to 6 injection sessions that take place during the course of a few weeks at most.

The treatment itself has no significant side effects, barely hurts and uses the body's self healing abilities.

The cost of the ORTHOKINE injections is quite high and can go up to a few thousand Shekels. Given the right indication, most insurance companies will finance the treatment completely.

You can reach my doctor for examination and assessment of whether this treatment is right for you - you will receive a letter from the insurance company detailing the need and wording to increase the likelihood that the treatment will be approved and funded by the insurance company if there is an indication.

In the picture before you are orthoquine test tubes that will be used in the procedure for making orthoquine injections. Orthokine is a treatment that is performed in five treatment cycles. Orthokine is an injection therapy that can be done under local anesthesia. Orthokine injections are performed for the knees, wrist, thumb base, tennis elbow, golf elbow, shoulder, shoulder inflammation, ankle and hip.

In orthokine therapy the first step is to take the blood. Long before you can tell if the treatment helps or if the good orthokine treatment will have to undergo a blood pumping process. The process is performed at my clinic in Ramat Hasharon, and it is painful to use a butterfly needle as seen in the picture.

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