Ulnar nerve release

Surgery for the release of ulnar nerve or ulnar nerve or in its Hebrew name The garmid-nerve is surgery with excellent results when done in the right timing and form. The ulnar nerve release surgery can be done in long open surgery, surgery with mobilization and reduced incision size and in an endoscopic form. It is also possible to perform ulnar nerve release surgery by leaving the nerve in place and releasing the pressure points along the nerve without moving it. It is also possible to move the nerve (transfer of the nerve) to a number of locations such as transfer of ulnar nerve to the front of the elbow within the adipose tissue, transfer of ulnar nerve into the elbow muscle fibers, and transfer of the ulnar nerve under the elbow anterior muscle.
Nerve surgery can now be performed on the ulnar nerve to perform a nerve upgrade or supercharging according to Dr. McKinnon's theories, which is one of the world's leading hand surgeons and specializes in performing peripheral nerve surgery.
I recommend doing the minimum possible surgery to get the best results and avoid damaging the small blood vessels that supply the nerve. These blood vessels are called in Latin Vasa Nervosum which means the blood vessels of the nerve. Nerve transfer will inevitably cause these blood vessels to be damaged and therefore I believe there is room to try to preserve these blood vessels as much as possible in surgery because they will make it easier for the nerve to function again.
The ulnar nerve release surgery is usually performed under general anesthesia followed by my treatment protocol which is a large elbow bandage for about a week and then a small bandage.
The ulnar nerve will take about three months to recover and the nerve recovery can be assessed by an EMG test that demonstrates the velocity of NCV in the ulnar nerve in the elbow and compares it with the preoperative clinical examination.
The risks in surgery are not numerous but I have already met with cases leading to CRPS - Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.
If you need an ulnar release elbow surgery I am at your disposal.
If you need an ulnar release elbow surgery I am at your disposal.

You can read more about the ulnar nerve, also called the Garmid nerve in an article we published in the Harefuah medical paper on this topic.

תמונה של יד בעקבות פגיעה בעצב אולנרי. תעלה קוביטלית גורמת ללחץ על העצב האולנרי ניתוח בשלב מוקדם מאפשר לשקם את העצב יותר.

בתמונה נראית יד לאחר נזק קשה לעצב האולנרי או תסמונת תעלה קוביטלית. נזק אולנרי הוא פגיעה קשה שיכולה להוביל גם לפגיעה בלתי הפיכה. כאן אפשר לראות נזק עצבי אשר נגרם עקב פגיעה בעצב האולנרי ולמעשה פגיעה בשרירים האינטרינזיים בכף היד. מנתח כף יד טוב ידע לאתר את מקור הפגיעה ולבצע ניתוח לעצב האולנרי כדי לשקם את העצב והיד במידת האפשר.

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