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When the thumb hurts or there is a flick of the thumb or the thumb gets stuck or so-called, professionally performed surgical release of the thumb is a quick, easy and good solution. The solution is to release the pulley which causes the thumb tendon to get stuck. In fact, the trigger thumb is a stuck thumb tendon that keeps the thumb from moving. The thumb that gets stuck or makes a jump or jump during movement is a very sore thumb usually. Thumb or stuck thumb is a clinical condition that is accompanied by thumb movement restriction and can be treated by a variety of methods. Some will do conservative treatment in the form of physical therapy or occupational therapy. It is possible to give a shot to the painful area of ​​the trigger thumb. The injection usually contains cortisone in combination with lidocaine and there is a slight risk of a thumb tendon injury during the injection. The solution. The best and there are those who say the best solution for the trigger thumb is short surgery. The surgery to release the trigger thumb can be done under local anesthesia (I do anesthesia very gently while bending the thumb and so I increase the space into which the injection is done and pain can be reduced by this technique). Alternatively, the injection and surgery can be done under sedation - which is a similar situation to anesthesia but the practical risk of is reduced from that of general anesthesia and the recovery from it is shorter.
During the operation, a several millimeter transverse incision is made at the base of the thumb and the surgeon reveals the first pulley at the base of the thumb. The surgeon maintains blood vessels and nerves on the sides of the thumb and surgical field. A cut of the pulley is made at the base of the thumb and the tendon that was caught and pressed and the thumb that was previously stuck are loose - the tendon is released.
The skin is sutured over the pulley which causes the trigger thumb and which is now cut off and thus in effect free movement of the thumb is achieved.
The recovery from a trigger thumb surgery is excellent. There are usually one or two sutures at the base of the thumb and the use of the hand is complete and without difficulty. After surgery, move the hand and thumb immediately and return to full activity. The operation of a trigger thumb or a stuck thumb or a jumping thumb or a painful thumb is surgery with a very high success rate (over 95 percent success) so there is no reason to suffer.
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A number of things to know about recovery from surgery for a trigger thumb or a jump thumb or a stuck thumb
The surgery only takes a few minutes
Anesthesia is purely local and is done in a pain-relieving technique
If there is still a concern, a slight sedation can be done (sedation - which gives a feeling of levitation or light notes and thus patient feels nothing)
Full healing takes about 10 days to remove the sutures
Full use can be done by hand the day after surgery (working on a computer, eating with the hand, daily activities) but the hand cannot be immersed in water.
The initial dressing is removed after two days and converted to a simple bandaid.
Success rates are over 99 percent
This is one of the most successful surgeries I know how to do and as of this writing I have never had to revise such a surgery
The pain relief is almost instant and the return of the movement as well
The main risk is damage to the nerves that lead to the thumb pad but in surgery performed in a microsurgical way using an optical system with illumination as I acknowledge in the low probability of such injury being low.
The surgery is performed in an outpatient hospital setting - arrive in the operating room, undergo a brief surgery and go home in no time
Anesthesia usually affects locally for about eight hours
And the recovery is very short
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When the thumb finger jumps there is no real reason to suffer. Thumb stuck is an easy disease to treat and surgery to release a thumb is the quickest and easiest solution to this.
The trigger is called a trigger thumb when jumping is called a trigger. Practically, a thumb trigger is the same name as the trigger thumb and some doctors call the trigger thumb the trigger thumb. The clinical phenomenon is the same and the name Trigger is due to the phenomenon of jumping like a trigger or a "trigger".

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