Fracture repair

Hand fracture repair in the fingers or the metacarpus of the hand is surgery that requires knowledge and skill.
A fracture of the metacarpus bone or the metacarpal bone of the hand is a fracture that can affect the movement of the fingers of the hand. The main problem with metacarpus or metacarpal bone fracture is the rotation or rotation of the bone that results in the riding of one finger on another or, alternatively, the shortening of the metacarpus or metacarpal bone. Proper positioning of the fracture, fixation of the fracture that maintains the length of the broken bone, the bone's surface in terms of rotation and the bone structure itself is an art. A metacarpal or metacarpus fracture is a challenging operation with excellent results when performed correctly. Sometimes metacarpal fracture treatment does not have to end with surgery but with a high quality and correct cast. Sometimes a fracture can be treated with a fixation with K Wires which are like skewers with which to fix the fracture and remove when the treatment is finished. Another option is to insert a nail into the metacarpal bone or put braces and screws on top of the fracture and fix the fracture so ...
A fracture in a finger bone or a finger phalanx that are the same concepts can be open or closed. A fracture of a finger phalanx can be fixed in a number of ways including accurate fixation with or without reduction. The fracture in the cylinder of the finger can be found in the cylinder (phalanx) close to either the central or the remote parts. When we refer to the proximal phalanx and the break is in the proximal area we must pay attention to whether the movement of the finger is correct. Thus, a fracture that is not properly fixed can cause significant rotation or rotation of the finger and this condition can also cause interruption of closing of the adjacent fingers. This condition is called an uncomfortable grasp, one finger interferes with the movement of the other and this is a common condition in disability situations after a fracture. It should be remembered that near the bones of the finger, therefore, bending and rectilinear tendons undergo displacement when there is a fracture of the finger. Therefore, there is sometimes a state of inability to move the hand "difficulty moving" after breaking a finger.
When a finger fracture is created and the fracture is accompanied by damage to the integrity of the skin - a torn wound or incision or an infiltration area of the skin, each fracture should be treated as an open fracture and there is room for antibiotic treatment to prevent infection. It is important to remember that the tetanus vaccine is effective and it is desirable to ensure that the wound does not contain foreign bodies.
Repair of a fracture should be in good anatomical position. If a fracture does not heal there may be several reasons. Lack of fracture healing can be due to a problem in the blood supply to the fracture margin which is a cause of the failure to heal a fracture or due to too much displacement in the fracture area and therefore again the lack of healing of the fracture will be created.
At the same time, malalignment can occur in the fault zone or what is called a poor connection in the fault zone. A bad connection called malunion malady will restrict the movement of the arm or limb and may cause degenerative changes. Degenerative changes or erosion of cartilage are due to improper transfer of the forces possibly due to the fracture and may be due to injury to the articular cartilage surface.
The fixation method should be in accordance with the fracture and patient characteristics. You should also consider the nature of the injury. Injury following skating at home is not similar to an injury during a ski vacation or car accident or accident while cycling. The energy of the trauma is very important in understanding the mechanism of the injury and the way in which the fracture and the related injuries occurred. A high-energy trauma mechanism may indicate a greater likelihood of injury to adjacent tissues such as a ligament, the capsule of the joint, the cartilage of the joint, or the tendons, nerves or blood vessels. When trying to assess a fracture, you should aim the X-ray at the area for suspected fracture. When there is a suspicion of a fracture, I often recommend completing CT imaging that demonstrates fractures better than a test that is considered better by the public which is an MRI.
The bone boundaries will be demonstrated better on CT than MRI.
Bone fracture surgeons must be familiar with bone anatomy, bone fracture healing mechanisms, and functional problems associated with fracture.
An expert orthopedist is not just a "carpenter" he is an excellent physician who is able to understand and interpret the complexity of the fracture.
My clinic is at your disposal - either for private surgery to repair fractures and for conservative treatment such as lightweight waterproof gypsum or for treatment such as returning a fracture to a surgery evading position or place.
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שבר בעצם הטרפזיום בשורש היד בסיטי תלת מימדי. טיפול גבס פלסטי קל או ניתוח תיקון שבר ביד הם פתרונות מקובלים לשבר ביד. מנתח כף יד יהיה מי שיעשה גבס פלסטי קל או ניתוח ביד.

‏בצילום שלפנינו תוכלו לראות אי גרמי בעצם הטרפזואיד. ‏החץ בתמונה מצביע ‏אל אזור לבן אשר לנו למעשה אזור שלעיבוי עצם כאשר אין לאותה עצם משמעות מבחינת רפואית. ‏באופן עקרוני אפשר להתייחס אל אי גרמי ‏כממצא אקראי בלבד. אי גרמי ‏ולמעשה כמו נקודת חן כאשר בסיטי או ‏בצילום מוצאים אותו ללא שום סיבה מיוחדת. גם אם נמצא מבצע כזה בצילום אין הכרח שהוא ‏המקור לכאב ביד בידיים או בכלל.

בתמונה אפשר לראות חתך של שורש היד שמדגים שבר בעצם בטרפזיום - אחת מעצמות שורש היד. גבס קל הוא פיתרון מצוין לשבר בעצם בשורש היד ויכול בחלק מהמקרים להחליף ניתוח בעצם כמו סקפואיד או טרפזיום.

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