Tendon stitching

The laceration in the palm of the hand that leads to tendon injury in the human palm is a significant injury. Hand laceration or cut can lead to damage to the sensory nerves or damage to the tendons in the hand. Partial injury to the tendon can lead to finger jumping or finger sticking. Complete injury to the tendons can lead to the absence or impairment of the ability to bend your fingers or wrist. A hand tendon incision is a major impairment of the ability to function and a tendon laceration requires surgery which should not be delayed for more than a maximum of three weeks at most. Injury of a flexor tendon of the hand is recommended to be done in the hands of a good hand surgeon.
An excellent surgeon would be the one to examine the hand before surgery to assess the location of the injury, the incision type, and the type of tendon affected. A good hand surgeon will be able to perform the repair with minimal damage to the tendons themselves, minimal damage to nearby tissues and minimal damage to hand function. Adapting rehabilitative treatment after surgery to the patient is also very important. You need to do a rehabilitation with an occupational therapist specializing in hand rehabilitation as well as having a proper rehabilitation protocol for each patient. A patient who is a young athlete will need an accelerated rehabilitation protocol while an older smoker will be recommended a slower rehabilitation protocol.
Each laceration in the hand may end in tissue damage. If you have a suspected injury or tendon cut, we are at your disposal.
You can get quality surgical treatment with minimal damage to nearby tissues from a hand surgeon who is also a microsurgeon.

לפנינו תמונה בסופו של ניתוח בו נתפר גיד מיישר ביד אשר נחתך מסכין. תפירה של גיד מיישר יכולה לגרום לנכות. תפירה של גיד היא ניתוח שיכול לעשות מנתח כף יד. הכי טוב לבצע את הניתוח בהקדם לאחר החתך וכן חשוב להתייעץ עם מומחה כף יד לגבי נטילת אנטיביוטיקה עקב החתך בגיד האמור. מומחה כף יד מנתח יעשה ניתוח ויצפור את הגיד היטב ובהמשך יהיה הליך שיקום שיארך מספר שבועות בדרך כלל פעילות מלאה מושגת תוך שישה שבועות.

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