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Tennis elbow repair or golf elbow repair or in Latin lateral and medial epicondylitis, respectively. Tennis elbow or golf elbow surgery can be done in several methods. Having already made a decision about performing surgery to treat a tennis elbow or a golf elbow, you should discuss the method of surgery. During my internship at the Kleinert Center in the United States, we published an article that presented an innovative surgical technique for tennis elbow surgery. Which preserves muscle strength, in contrast to Nirschl's conventional technique, which is based on tissue resection and in fact results in a breakdown of the muscle origin and thus eventually a relative weakness of the straightening or flexing muscles in the forearm. Oron A(1), Schwarzkopf R, Loebenberg M. Tennis elbow typically presents as pain and localized tenderness at the lateral aspect of the elbow. It is the most common diagnosis related to the elbow. ... Surgical treatment of tennis elbow should be used only as a last resort.
The innovative surgical method we published was developed by Dr. Wolff, a leading surgeon in the United States, with whom I had the honor to work, and to publish with him the surgical technique that implies preservation of the muscle and peripheral cutting of the muscle around the source of pain in the case of a tennis elbow or golf elbow.
We are at your disposal for the surgery of a tennis elbow or a golf elbow as well as an injection guided by ultrasound or other conservative treatments.

בתמונה שלפניכם החץ מצביע על אזור של מרפק טניס במרפק.נין לטפל בזריקה מקומית של קורטיזון אבל טיפול טוב בהרבה יכול להיות טיפול אורטוקין למרפק טניס שניתן לשלב עם פיזיותרפיה למרפק טניס או לחילופין לבצע ניתוח חדשני לפי וולף שפורסם בידי ד,ר אמיר אורון מנתח כף יד מומחה.

תמונת Mri של מרפק טניס שהחריף בשל זריקות קורטיזון. מרפק טניס עם הרס של רקמה ניתן לראות כס״מ מעל המיקום של הזכוכית מגדלת

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